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Controversial Exercises


Although fitness enthusiasts, coaches and martial arts instructors have been doing their favorite exercises for years, the new science of sports medicine has begun to demonstrate that certain exercises are contraindicated (meaning they are counter productive). Admittedly, there is some dispute over these exercises, with many longtime practitioners saying they have done certain moves for ...

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In Pursuit of Mastery and Leadership

[Editor’s Note: This column presents the text of the third and fourth pages of the formal, color invitation that Master Corley presents to his students who are invited to his school’s Leadership Training program. It reflects his thoughts on the pursuit of mastery. Read and use whichever parts you like…and be sure to walk the ...

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Backing Down the Prison Bully, Part 3


Let’s examine some of the key elements to Parts 1 and 2 of the original “prison bully” story: Recall the prison bully’s remark “Hey, man, how come you keep taking my seat?” And recall that the other prisoner did not try to ignore or deny the bully’s true intent. He knew from the very start ...

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Kimbos, Bimbos and the Future!


Taking Another Shot at Good Competition: What it Means to All of Us, Who We Are and How We Are Perceived! By MAH (“Mad as Hell”) Joe Corley I have just gagged my way through the CBS primetime debut of “mixed martial arts, featuring “the one, the only Kimbooooooooooo Sliiiiiiiiiiiice!” During two hours and 45 ...

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Crossing the River


In our journey through life, it may at times seem as though we’re passing through a great jungle, devoid of civilized comforts, safety nets and hospitality. Where huge trees of worry take root in the soil of aspiration and shed used leaves, which create a carpet of urgency, pushing us along. At some point in ...

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Following My Passion and the Market, Part 2


After launching Cardio Karate during 1996, I realized that it attracted students with completely different needs. They didn’t come to class to learn martial arts, but to lose weight and become healthier. If those students continued to eat junk food, however, then they wouldn’t have received the results they wanted, regardless of how good the ...

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