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Martial Arts Success Story

The Four Keys to Your Future

The time has come to take action on your future…To evolve with a changing martial arts industry…To embrace a future of student excellence, stable growth and financial security… Starting this month, Martial Arts Professional introduces “The Four Keys to your Future.” In an unprecedented, yearlong series of feature articles, you will learn how to benefit ...

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Stay The Course!


Clear Thinking and Focused Action Will Steer you Clear the Negative Economy and Interfering Legislators The Worst Economy Since the Great Depression!? Is that really true? More about that later. What is true is that SOME schools will THRIVE and MANY will die during the coming months and year. Which will you be? Everywhere you ...

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Inspiring (Holiday) Story from a School Owner!


I was speaking to a school owner from a pretty typical suburb the other day, it was really entertaining, and I thought you might find it interesting as well (which he gave me permission to share with you). So, this gentleman, a nice, sharp guy, has been running his school for 14 years, and has been “stuck” at about $26,000 a month gross for the last seven years.

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