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Stephen Oliver and NAPMA Honored for their Deep Contribution to the Martial Arts Business

Left to right: NAPMA Senior Member Representative Bob Dunne, NAPMA COO Toby Milroy, NAPMA CEO Stephen Oliver and Former World Kickboxing Champion Jeff Smith conducted several valuable sessions for school owners.

The 2012 Action Martial Arts Magazine’s 12th annual Hall of Honors, widely known as the “Academy Awards of the Martial Arts” marked another milestone in the professional development of the martial arts business. This years’ event featured a trade show with more than 60 exhibitors, a traditional martial arts tournament, the first ever “Action Martial ...

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Welcome New Members!

We’d like to welcome these success-oriented martial arts professionals who have joined NAPMA: Nicolas Masi Randy Cooligan, Cooligan Martial Arts Pam Ebaugh, Uta Karate, West York Lee Kim, Kombat Arts Academy Benny Phifer, Karate & Sports Fitness Peter Doherty, Jacob Stuyvesant, Dragonfire Kenpo Karate Richard Baron, Little Nine Heaven Internal Rick Williams, Canyon Kajukenbo Martial Arts ...

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Thanks for the Referral!

We’re honored when one of our members thinks so much of us, that they refer a friend to our association. We’re on a mission to elevate the level of professionalism in the martial arts industry, and to help owners live an abundant lifestyle. If you have associates, members of your martial arts association, or colleagues ...

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NAPMA Members Appreciation Events!

NAPMA Members … would you like to have lunch? Grandmaster Stephen Oliver, Master Toby Milroy, and Grandmaster Jeff Smith will be traveling to several cities over the next few weeks to help school owners who want to take their school to the next level in 2013. And, we have an additional special treat for our ...

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