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Jay Abraham: Exclusive Interview for the Martial Arts

In Part 1 of this interview, Jay Abraham is one of the world’s foremost marketing gurus, and he’s granted us this exclusively martial arts-oriented interview. Here we present martial arts marketing with a real business grandmaster. Meet the genius who’s consulted for practically every type of business known to man including martial art schools, at ...

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The Four Keys to Your Future

The time has come to take action on your future…To evolve with a changing martial arts industry…To embrace a future of student excellence, stable growth and financial security… Starting this month, Martial Arts Professional introduces “The Four Keys to your Future.” In an unprecedented, yearlong series of feature articles, you will learn how to benefit ...

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Stay The Course!


Clear Thinking and Focused Action Will Steer you Clear the Negative Economy and Interfering Legislators The Worst Economy Since the Great Depression!? Is that really true? More about that later. What is true is that SOME schools will THRIVE and MANY will die during the coming months and year. Which will you be? Everywhere you ...

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How to Use Low-Cost Public Relations Strategies to Grow Your School and Become a Celebrity in Your Community

The philosophy of martial arts is ready-made to attract the attention of the public. Few professionals are better qualified than Paul Hartunian to help you learn and use his low-cost public relations formula to create and benefit from a celebrity status in your community and achieve recognition that can translate into a growing, prosperous school. ...

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The Folly of Low Price

A young instructor leaves a position paying $60,000 to $70,000 annually to open his own studio . What makes this story interesting is the crash-and-burn he experienced when he decided to become the cheapest school in town. Read more about his experience with low pricing .

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