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How to Use Low-Cost Public Relations Strategies to Grow Your School and Become a Celebrity in Your Community

The philosophy of martial arts is ready-made to attract the attention of the public. Few professionals are better qualified than Paul Hartunian to help you learn and use his low-cost public relations formula to create and benefit from a celebrity status in your community and achieve recognition that can translate into a growing, prosperous school. ...

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The Folly of Low Price

A young instructor leaves a position paying $60,000 to $70,000 annually to open his own studio . What makes this story interesting is the crash-and-burn he experienced when he decided to become the cheapest school in town. Read more about his experience with low pricing .

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Inspiring (Holiday) Story from a School Owner!


I was speaking to a school owner from a pretty typical suburb the other day, it was really entertaining, and I thought you might find it interesting as well (which he gave me permission to share with you). So, this gentleman, a nice, sharp guy, has been running his school for 14 years, and has been “stuck” at about $26,000 a month gross for the last seven years.

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