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Terry Bryan is a highly respected speaker and coach for business owners and real estate investors. During his more than 30 years in martial arts competition, Terry won two world titles and more than 300 first-place wins in the Black Belt and Masters Divisions. His American Black Belt Academy grew to become an international martial arts organization, with students teaching in more than 80 countries. He later became the General Secretary for the USANKF, the National Governing Body For Karate in the United States, and spent four years teaching school owners how to run a successful business and invest in real estate for long-term wealth. Terry now sits on the board of directors of the Colorado Association of Real Estate Investors and the United States Real Estate Investors Association, and is the founder of Warriorwiz Real Estate Investing Success System.

The Last Shot Fall Seven Times, Get Up Eight


In defining what is the most important element to success, in any endeavor, you would be hard pressed to find anything more important than attitude. In Japanese, the word for attitude is shisei, which is made up of two kanji meaning shape and forces. In other words, it is the attitude that shapes the forces ...

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