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The Seven Qualities of a Champion


When I first became a Taekwondo instructor, I claimed that my martial art is a philosophy that can be very instrumental in developing our youth through mental discipline and physical conditioning. However, I had a difficult time justifying to myself how punching and kicking could be a philosophy. In the early 1970’s, I was writing ...

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The Power of Truth, Integrity and High Ethics


How important is truth in today’s world? As a salesperson, one of the biggest misconceptions of our profession is that we will say anything to make a sale. To the public, and sometimes to ourselves, it appears that the end objective is more important than telling the truth. That is just not true for the Conscious Salesperson. Our job is to find the benefits and value of our product or service for our prospects and tell them the truth. When it comes to making a sale, what are your...

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Inspiring (Holiday) Story from a School Owner!


I was speaking to a school owner from a pretty typical suburb the other day, it was really entertaining, and I thought you might find it interesting as well (which he gave me permission to share with you). So, this gentleman, a nice, sharp guy, has been running his school for 14 years, and has been “stuck” at about $26,000 a month gross for the last seven years.

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