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Seek to Understand

In the daily routine of running a business, it can become easy to look for patterns that make our lives easier. In fact, looking for patterns is built into the human psyche. So many strange photographs and ghost sightings can be explained merely by the fact that the human eye is predetermined to find the ...

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Learn From Your Students

What I have learned during more than 30 years of teaching is the value of paying close attention to my students, with an eye toward learning from them. If you keep your eyes open, then you will invariably have that occasional situation that will cause you to pause and reflect on what you just experienced ...

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The Last Shot Fall Seven Times, Get Up Eight

In defining what is the most important element to success, in any endeavor, you would be hard pressed to find anything more important than attitude. In Japanese, the word for attitude is shisei, which is made up of two kanji meaning shape and forces. In other words, it is the attitude that shapes the forces ...

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