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Protect your Assets with the Right Business Entity, Part 3

This is my third column about the various entities under which you can do business and protect your assets. In part three, I explain Family Limited Partnership and the first of three types of Trusts, the Irrevocable Trust. Family Limited Partnership A “family” limited partnership is a variation of a limited partnership. The term “family” ...

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Controversial Exercises

Although fitness enthusiasts, coaches and martial arts instructors have been doing their favorite exercises for years, the new science of sports medicine has begun to demonstrate that certain exercises are contraindicated (meaning they are counter productive). Admittedly, there is some dispute over these exercises, with many longtime practitioners saying they have done certain moves for ...

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Black-Belt Tests, Part 1

When I promote students to Black Belt, I want them to feel enriched, excited, nurtured and worthy. Black Belt tests should be a celebration of victory, not a journey into the unknown reaches of physical exertion, some mystical event that isn’t to be discussed in the dojo, or even an opportunity for the grading board ...

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How to Use Low-Cost Public Relations Strategies to Grow Your School and Become a Celebrity in Your Community

The philosophy of martial arts is ready-made to attract the attention of the public. Few professionals are better qualified than Paul Hartunian to help you learn and use his low-cost public relations formula to create and benefit from a celebrity status in your community and achieve recognition that can translate into a growing, prosperous school. ...

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